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1.      Representatives of firms wishing to meet an officer in the Administrative Building will be required to report to the Receptionist. The Receptionist will inquire from the concern JA grade officer over the telephone and will grant a permit for a specified time to visit the particular officer. There should ordinarly be no reason for a firm’s representative to visit any functionary below the rank of JA grade officer. In case of such a requirement, the concerned JA grade officer may please use .his discretion and permit the representative personally.
2.      To ensure hassle free day-today working in offices and avoide the entry of undesirable visitiors, the gate passes to the firms’ representatives/visitors for Administrative Building will be issued after 12.00 O’clock.
3.      There are certain areas in Administrative Building like Stores bill sections and Stores Department, where entry of firms representatives is completely banned.
4.      Entry of private vehicles is not allowed in Administrative Building area.
Firms’ representatives visiting BLW for technical reasons will be allowed entry into specific technical areas of Workshop by the receptionist with the approval of the concerned Dy. CME in writing on firm’s letter head. In case the concerned Dy. CME is not available permission may be obtained from any other Dy. CME or CME/P in exceptional circumstances. Like in the morning hours when the all the Dy. CMEs and CME/P are in side the workshop or not available, permission may be obtained from the Secretary to GM.
Entry of private vehicles is not allowed in Work Shop area.
To visit Stores Depot, firms’ representatives will be required to report the Receptionist, who will obtain the personnel approval of Dy.CMM/Depot through the telephone before permitting the representative for any office/ward of the Depot. In case Dy. CMM/Depot is out of station, such permission can be given by CMM/Loco in writing on firm’s letter head. In exceptional case when both officers are not available, the permission may be granted by the Secretary to GM.
Entry in this area is controlled by CQAM. If the CQAM is not available, Dy. CQAM may permit the entry in writing on firm’s letter head. In exceptional circumstances, when neither of the two officers is available, the Secretary to GM may permit entry to RI section.
Entry in the CMT Lab is allowed to the firms’ representatives through the Receptionist with the telephonic approval from Dy. CCMT. If Dy. CCMT is not available the permission may be granted by Dy. CQAM or CQAM in writing on firms’ letter head.
Regulating the entry of Visitiors/Suppliers and Other Rly. Employees in BLW, guide lines are as under :-
i.            JA Grade Officers are empowered to permit the visitiors for only one day.
ii.            CDE, CQAM, CME/P, CMM/LOCO, CPM/MOD and CME/PLANT are authorised to permit the visitiors entry in the Workshop through special gate and for more than one day.
iii.            Senior Security Commissioner/RPF will issue the gate passes to the contractors and labourers for the installation/commissioning/warranty and maintenance works with the approval of concerned Head of the Departments.
iv.            Visitiors, Suppliers and other railway employees on ORS may be allowed in the Workshop from Monday to Friday by 09.00 am to 11.30 am and 13.00 pm to 15.45 pm and Saturday by 09.00 am to 11.30 am only.
v.            School children and out side visitiors may be allowed to visit the Workshop only in working days from Monday to Friday in second half (13.00 pm to 15.45 pm).
vi.            Receptionist will issue gate pass to the Postman and Couriers as well as Suppliers/firms’ representatives for purchasing, submitting, attending the openning of tenders and submitting the bills in their respective departments with the consent of PRO ensuring the genuinenss of the work.
vii.            Receptionist will issue the gate pass only after getting the approval from comptent authority.
viii.            All the visitors entering the Workshop and Depot area will follow all the rules and safety norms, written on the back side of the gate pass.
CME, CDE, CPM/MOD and CPRO are authorized to permit foreigners visiting the BLW Workshop, in connection with the maintenance, supply of spair parts, study of machinery and plant for the purpose of either new supplies/rehabilitation or maintenance. 
For any further detail please contect the following :-
1.      Receptionist    :  
Telephone No. 0542 24641019
Mob. No. 09794864024
2.      Public Relations Officer :
Telephone No 0542 2270191
Mob. No. 09794861008
3.      Chief Public Relations Officer :
Telephone No. 0542 2270138
Mob. No. 09794861004

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