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S.No GM(P)/BLW, Letter/Circular Date Rly. Board Letter No. RB’s Letter Date Subject Download
 1.  ALWC-01,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 25/07/2018 ई(पीएंडए)II-2017/एचडब्ल्यू-1 08.03.2018 7वें केन्द्रीय वेतन आयोग की सिफारिशों के अनुसार रात्रि ड्यूटी भत्ता (एनडीए) की दरों में संशोधन करना | Download
 2.  ALWC-02,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-pt-1  27/07/2018  E(W)2017/ED-2/3  12.10.2017  Recommendation of the Seventh Central pay Commission-Implementation of decision relating to the grant of Children Education allowance.  Download
 3. एएलडब्ल्यूसी-03 म0प्र0(का0)/ई.आर.भत्ता-1 09/08/2018 ई(पी एंड ए)I-2017/एसपी-1/डब्ल्यूएस-1 30.07.2018 उत्पादन नियंत्रण संगठन के कर्मचारियों (जेई/एसएसई)को पीसीओ भत्ता देने के संबंध में स्पष्टीकरण | Download
 4. ALWC-04,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 05.09.2018 E(P&A)I-2005/ALL/RPF-2 14.06.2018 Ration Money Allowance during leave other then LAP. Download
 5. ALWC-05,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 17.10.2018 2015-B-235 16.10.2018 Expenditure Management -Economy Measures and Rationalization of Expenditure Download
6. ALWC-06, GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 02.11.018 PC-VI/390 08.10.2018 Rate of Dearness Allowance applicable w.e.f.from 01.07.2018 to Railway employees continuing to draw their pay in the pre-revised pay scale/grade pay as per 6th Central pay Commission Download
7 ALWC-07,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 11.12.2018 E(P&A)I-2016/RT-16 07.12.2018 Pay, Allowances and other entitlements for IRMS/Dental Doctors under Ministry of Railway who have opted to serve on clinical post after attaining age of 62 years. Download
8 ALWC-08,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 01.01.2019 2014/E(GR)II/1/1 19.12.2018 Engagement of Contract Medical Practitioners (CMPs)-Terms & conditions applicable to Contract Medical Practitioners-Revision of Daily Allowance. Download
9 ALWC-09,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 01.01.2019 PC-VII/2017/I/7/5/7(Pt.) 21.12.2018 Implementation of the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission -Dress Allowance to officials discharging Prosecution functions on provisional basis. Download
10 ALWC-10,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 16.01.2019 E(P&A)I-2017/AL-2 09.01.2019 Implementation of recommendations of Seventh Central Pay Commission-accepted by the Government-Annual Allowance. Download
11 ALWC-11,GM(P)/ER/Allowanoes-Pt-1 25.02.2019 E(P&A)II-2016/RS-40 20.02.2019 Amendment to the Indian Railway Establishment Manual Volume-I Revised Edition 1989 Chapter 9, Running Allowance Rules. Download
12 ALWC-12,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 05.03.2019


22.02.2019 Grant of Transport Allowance to Railway Employees availing concessional Season Ticket/Suburban Passes. Download
13 ALWC-13,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 08.03.2019 2018E/SCC/13/53 21.02.2019 Charging of salary of Doctors who opted to serve on clinical posts after attaining the age of 62 years. Download
14 ALWC-14,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 18.03.2019 PC-VII/2016/I/7/2/1 06.03.2019 Grant of Dearness Allowance to Railway employees-Revised Rates effective from 01.01.2019. Download
15 ALWC-15,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 16.04.2019 E(P&A)II/2012/F.E.2/4 02.04.2019 Admissibility of House Rent Allowance (HRA) in the event of non-acceptance or surrender of railway residential accommodation. Download
16 ALWC-16,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 18.04.2019 PC-VI/2008/I/7/2/1 01.04.2019 Rate of Dearness Allowance application w.e.f. from 01.01.2019 to Railway employees continuing to draw their pay in pre-revised pay scale/grade pay as per 6th Central Pay commission. Download
17 ALWC-17,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 17.05.2019 2016/E(LL)/AT/MW/1 10.05.2019 Minimum rates of wages and variable dearness allowance w.e.f. 01.04.2019 Download
18 ALWC-18,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 04.06.2019 E(P&A)II-2013/RS-14 28.05.2019 Pay element in Running Allowance in the Railway Services (Revised pay) Rule,2016 and revised rates of Kilometreage Allowance and Allowace in lieu of Kilometreage. Download
19 ALWC-19,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 11.06.2019 E(P&A)I-2014/ALL/RPF-1 27.05.2019 Implementation of recommendations of VI Central Pay Commission Revision of rates of Uniform Allowance, Kit Maintenance Allowance and Washing allowance in respect of RPF/RPSF personnel. Download
20 ALWC-20,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 22.08.2019 2018/M(W)/814/59 09.08.2019 Revision of hourly rates of incentive bonus and bonus factor of workshop/PUs in respect of staff under CLW pattern/GIS. Download
21 ALWC-21,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 22.08.2019 E(W)2019/ED-2/1 22.08.2019 Master Circular on Children Education Allowance & Hostel Subsidy. Download
22 ALWC-22,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 04.09.2019 2019/Trans Cell/S&T/Suggestions from GMs 04.09.2019 Remuneration to Raiway offficers acting as Arbitrators. Download
23 ALWC-23,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 18.09.2019 E(G)2012/HOI-13 03.09.2019 Grant of Honorarium to the Inquiry Officer (IO) of RPF/RPSF for conducting Department Inquiries in cases other than Vigilance Investingation. Download
24 ALWC-24,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 19.12.2019 2017/E(Trg)/30/14 27.11.2019 Incentives for acquiring higher educational qualifications. Download
25 ALWC-25,GM(P/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 15.05.2020 E(MPP)2020/6/1 30.04.2020 Forwarding of MSDE’s Notification regarding-clarification of payment of stipend to apprentices and reimbursement of stipend to establishments under NAPS during COVID-19 lockdown. Download
26 ALWC-26,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 21.05.2020 PC-VII/2019/I/7/5/5 20.05.2020 Dress Allowance to Nursing Personnel -clarification regarding. Download
27 ALWC-27,GM(P)/ER/Allowances-Pt-1 27.08.2020 F(E)Spl./2009/FR/1/3(Part-2) 03.08.2020 Clarification regarding reckoning of Additional Post allowance (APA)for DA/HRA under 7th CPC Download
28 ALWC-28,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance/Pt-I 10.11.2020 E(P&A)II-2017/HW-1 06.11.2020 Recovery of Night Duty Allowance(NDA)from Railway employees who have become ineligible to get NDA after issue of Board's letter dated 29.09.2020 Download
29 ALWC-29,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance/Pt-I 24.11.2020 PC-V/2017/A/TA/1 16.11.2020 Payment of Transport Allowance to Railway Employees working from home for entire calendar month(s) in view of COVID-19 Pandemic. Download
30 Allowance-30,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance/Pt-I 06.07.2021 2020/E(LL)/AT/MW/2 18.06.2021

Revision of rate of Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) for contract workers engaged in various employment/activities w.e.f.01.04.2021

31 Allowance-31,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance/Pt-I 22.07.2021 PC-VII/2016/I/7/2/1 20.07.2021 Revised rates of Dearness Allowance to Indian Railway employees w.e.f.01.07.2021 Download
32 Allowance-32,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance/Pt-I 28.07.2021 PC-V/2010/A/TA/1(Pt.)E 23.07.2021 Grant of Transport Allowance @ Rs.7000/- pm+DA thereon to the IRMS officers drawing Grade Pay of Rs.10000 (now pay Level-14) under DACP Scheme. Download
33 Allowance-33,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance/Pt-I 09.09.2021 E(W)2017/ED-2/3 12.08.2021 Clarifications on Children Education Allowance (CEA)during Covid-19 epidemic Lockdown period. Download
34 Allowance-34,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance/Pt-I 06.01.2022 F(E)I/2018/AL-28/29 20.07.2021 Time-limit for submission of claims for Travelling Allowance (TA) on retirement regarding. Download
35 Allowance-35,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance/Pt-I 10.01.2022 2020/E(LL)/AT/MW/2 06.12.2021 Revision of rate of Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) for contract workers engaged in various employment/activities w.e.f.01.10.2021 Download
36 Allowance-36,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance/Pt-I 27.01.2022 F(E)II/2017/DE/1/2 17.01.2022 Grant of Deputation (Duty) Allowance in cases where the basic pay in parent cadre has been upgraded on account of NFU,MACP,NFSG etc in the 7th CPC context-clarification regarding. Download
37 Allowance-37,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance/Pt-I 07.02.2022 E(P&A)I-2021/HL-1 04.02.2022 Clarification regarding grant of National Holiday Allowance (NHA) to those non-gazetted employees who are getting higher pay level under MACPS./uploads/38.pdf Download
38 GM(P)/Auth/Allowance/Pt-I 17.02.2022 F(E)I/2022/AL-28/10 09.02.2022 Admissibility of composite transfer Grant(CTG) on retirement Download
39 Allowance-39,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance/Pt-I 17.03.2022 F(E)I/2022/AL-28/19 08.03.2022 Concessions to person re-employed in Central government service payment of travelling Allowance. Download
40 Allowance-40,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance-Pt-I 06.07.2022 2020/E(GR)II/1/2 04.07.2022 Contract Medical Practitioners(CMPs)-HRA. Download
41 Allowance-41,GM(P)/ER/PS&SSM-Pt-I 20.07.2022 PC-V/2016/PS/1(Stipend)E 15.07.2022 Revision of rates of stipend to apprentices  and trainees on Railways. Download
42 Allowance-42,GM(P)/ER/Ps&SSm/Pt-I 17.08.2022 E(P&A)II-2017/HW-1 21.07.2022 Payment of Night Duty Allowance(NDA) to Railway employees-Clarifications reg. Download
43 Allowance-43,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance-Pt-I 14.10.2022 F(E)I/2017/AL-28/10 23.09.2022 Admissibility of Composite Transfer Grant (CTG) on retirement. Download
44 Allowance-44,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance-Pt-I 14.10.2022 PC-VII/2016/I/7/2/I 04.10.2022 Grant of Dearness Allowance to Railway employees-Revised Rates effective from 01.07.2022. Download
45 Allowance-45,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance-Pt-I 14.10.2022 2020/F(E)Spl./computer Advance/1(7th CPC) 06.07.2022 Clarification whether iPad comes under the definition of personal computer for the purpose of grant of computer advance-reg. Download
46 Allowance-46,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance-Pt-I 01.11.2022 F(E)III/2003/PF-1/1 18.10.2022 Revision State Railway provident fund-Rate of interest during the 3rd quarter of financial year 2022-23()1st October 2022-31st December 2022 Download
47 Allowance-47,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance-Pt-I 04.11.2022 2020/E(LL)/AT/MW/2 28.10.2022 Revision of rate Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) for contract workers engaged in various employment/activities w.e.f 01.10.2022. Download
48 म०प्र०(का)/नियम/एल टी सी प्रोसिजर  17.10.2022 2022/E(W)/12/1 16.11.2022 AILTC-Clarification regarding return journey. Download
49 Allowance-47,GM(P)/Auth/Allowance-Pt-I 27.01.2023 F(E)III/2003/PF-1/1 19.01.2023 State Railway Provident Fund-Rate of interest During the 4th Quarter of financial year 2022-23 (1st January,2023-31st March,2023). Download



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