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S.No GM(P)/BLW, Letter/Circular Date Rly. Board Letter No. RB’s Letter Date Subject Download
 1.  SQ-01, GM(P)/ER/SQ-Pt-1 09/08/2018 2015/E(Sports)/4(1)/5/Probation Period 24/07/2018 Recritment of meritorious sportspersons afresh in higher grade (Commensurate with his achievement)without diluting the benefits he has been getting in his previous grade. Download
 2. आरईसीटी-01,म0प्र0(का0)/ई.आर./भर्ती-भाग-1 17.10.2018 पीसी-VII/2018/आई/आरएसआरपी/1 12.10.2018 रेल सेवा (संशोधित वेतन)नियम,2008 की पहली अनुसूची के भाग ’क’ का खण्ड-II 01.01.2006 को या उसके बाद सीधी भर्ती के आधार पर नियुक्त कर्मचारियों का शुरुआती वेतन आौर ऐसे भर्ती के आधार पर नियुक्त कर्मचारियों से भिन्न कर्मचारियों के मामले में वेतन निर्धारण | Download
3. CG-01,GM(P)/ER/Comp.-Pt-1 31.10.2018 E(NG)II/2018/RC-1/32 20.09.2018 Appointment on compassionate grounds-Relaxation in upper age limit regarding. Download
4. RECT-02,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 02.11.2018 E(NG)II/2018/RR-1/31 25.10.2018 Discontinuation of Direct Recruitment to the posts of Senior Section Engineers(SSEs). Download
5 CG-02,GM(P)/ER/Comp.-Pt-1 06.12.2018 E(NG)RC-1/44 27.11.2018 Appointment on Compassionate Grounds-Priority No.1 case-reg. Download
6 RECT-03,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 01.01.2019 E(MPP)/2009/6/14 04.12.2018 System improvement regarding selection of Act Apprentices for training under the Apprentices Act 1961. Download
7 RECT-04, GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 09.01.2019 2018/H/5/17(Policy) 17.12.2018 Medical category required for medical examination of non-gazetted Staff/Candidates of Accounts Department. Download
8 RECT-05,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 02.02.2019 E(NG)II/2018/RR-1/51 16.01.2019 Minimum prescribed educational qualification for direct recruitment to the post of Technician Grade III in Level-2 of pay Matrix of 7th CPC. Download
9 RECT-06,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 02.02.2019 E(NG)II/2001/RR-1/6 10.01.2019 Educational qualification for recruitment to Group ’C’ posts in  S&T Departments on the Railways. Download
10 RECT-07,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 05.03.2019 E(NG)II/2009/RR-1/10 Pt-1 26.02.2019 Level-1 recruitment as per notification CEN-2/2018 Download
11 RECT-08,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 05.03.2019 E(NG)II/2017/RR-1/12 26.02.201/uploads/Rect-43(1).pdf9 Minimum educational qualification for recruitment from open market in Level-1 Download
12 SQ-02,GM(P)/ER/SQ-Pt-1 09.03.2019 2014/E(Sports)/4(2)/3(SCL) 21.02.2019 Sparing of talented players under Railway’s center of Excellence (CoE) Scheme.) Download
13 RECT-09.GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 12.03.2019 E(NG)II/2018/RR-1/31 06.03.2019 Provisional discontinuation of Direct Recruitment to the posts of Senior Section Engineers (SSEs). Download
14 CG-03,GM(P)/ER/Comp-Pt-1 12.03.2019 E(NG)II/2018/RC-1/45 09.03.2019 Screening/Suitability test for Compassionate Ground appointment to Group ’C’ posts. Download
15 RECT-10,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 25.03.2019 2017/E(RRB)/23/15 07.03.2019 Framing of Teaching Skill & Performance Test for Teacher of Railway. Download
16 RECT-11,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 27.03.2019 E(NG)II/2008/RR-1/33 11.03.2019 Direct recruitment from open market in Level-1(7th CPC pay matrix procedure regrding.) Download
17 RECT-12,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 02.04.2019 2016/E(G)RR/15/2/Electrical 19.03.2019 Notified Recruitment Rules of Indain Railway Assistant Electrical Engineer (Group ’B’ Gazetted,2019) Download
18 RECT-13,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 03.04.2019 E(NG)II/2019/RR-1/6 25.03.2019 Open Market Recruitment to Level-I Posts on Railway under Employment Notice (CEN) No.RRC-01/2019-Revision of requirement. Download
19 RECT-14,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 11.04.2019 E(NG)II/2008/RR-1/33 01.04.2019 Supply of data for Physical Test (PET) and Document Verification (DV) in connection with recruitment in Level-1(7th CPC pay matrix)-CEN 02/2018. Download
20 SQ-03,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 11.04.2019 2019/E(Sports)/4(2)/1 26.03.2019 Treating the period of participation in sporting events in National or International importance and pre-participating camp as ’On Duty’ Download
21 RECT-15,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 10.05.2019 E(NG)II/2017/RC-1/23 03.05.2019 Acquiriing minimum Educational Qualification for regular posting in erstwhile Group-D,Level-1(erstwhile GP-1800/-) of Trainee in -1S Pay Band (6th CPC) appointed on Compassionate Ground Policy Guidelines. Download
22 RECT-16,GM(p)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 14.05.2019 E(NG)II/2019/RR-1/6 07.05.2019 Upper age relaxation to Course Completed Act Apperntices(CCAs) applying for Non-Gazetted posts on Railway. Download
23 C&GQ-01,GM(P)/ER/C&G Quota-Pt-1 21.05.2019 E(W)2019/RSGB/4 08.05.2019 Scouts activities On Indian Railway-Master Circular. Download
24 CG-04,GM(P)/ER/Comp-Pt-1 11.06.2019 E(NG)II/2019/RC-1/5 04.06.2019 Grant of compassionate appointment to spouse/ward/dependent of deceased trainee employees. Download
25 RECT-17,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 17.06.2019 E(NG)II/2017/RR-1/12 14.06.2019 Minimum educational qualification for recruitment of staff from open market in Level-1 of the pay matrix of 7th CPC. Download
26 RECt-18,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 24.06.2019 E(NG)II/2010/RC-4/6 14.06.2019 Re-engagement of retired staff of daily remuneration basis for the post of Loco Pilot (Both Diesel and Electrical Drivers) Download
27 CG-05,GM(P)/ER/Comp.-Pt-1 25.06.2019 E(NG)II/2003/RC-1/Genl./4 19.06.2019 Appointment on Compassionate Grounds-Acquisition of higher qualification. Download
28 C&GQ-02,GM(P)/ER/C&G Quota-Pt-1 09.07.2019 E(NG)II/2015/RR-2/1 03.07.2019 Recruitment against Scouts and Guides Quota-Procedure for.. Download
29 RECT-19,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 30.07.19 7-3/2012(AMPC) 15.07.2019 PublicNotice on Fake Universities. Download
30 RECT-20,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 22.08.2019 2019/E(RRB)/25/42 26.07.2019 Validity period of OBC certificate. Download
31 RECT-21,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 19.11.2019 E(NG)II/2019/RR-1/29 08.11.2019 Extension in joining time date of offer of Appointment. Download
32 RECT-22,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 19.11.2019 E(NG)II/2010/RC-5/1 11.11.2019 Revision of policy regarding compensation of Land losers affected by land acquisition for Railway projects. Download
33 CG-06,GM(P)/ER/Comp.-Pt 06.01.2020 E(NG)II/2018/RR-1/31 30.12.2019 Compassionate Ground Appointment as Sr. Section Engineer (SSE). Download
34 CG-07,GM(P)/ER/Comp.-Pt-1 06.01.2020 E(NG)II/2016/RC-1/CR/12(Pt) 30.12.2019 Appointment on Compassionate Grounds-cases of second wife and her wards. Download
35 RECT-23,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-1 23.06.2021 2021-E(SCT)1/25/2 16.06.2021 Timely verification of Caste/Community Certificates. Download
36 RECT-24,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 07.09.2021 E(NG)II/2021/RR-1/2 06.08.2021 Recruitment Rule for the post of Public Prosecutor in Level-7 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix. Download
37 RECT-25,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 29.01.2022 E(NG)I-2020/PM9/1 24.11.2021 Introduction of General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE) in Accounts Department and Chief Law Assistant. Download
38 RECT-26,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 23.02.2022 E(NG)II/2020/RC-4/2(Pt.) 21.02.2022 Engagement of staff against posts of SSEs/JEs on contract basis. Download
39 RECT-27,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 21.04.2022 E(P&A)I-2012/PS-5/PE-3(pt) 12.04.2022 Amendments in the norms of minimum qualifications for recruitment/promotion of teachers for classes I to VIII in Railway Schools (Primary and Trained Gradute Teachers). Download
40 RECT-28,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 22.04.2022 E(NG)II/2021/RR-1/66 13.04.2022 Clarification regarding candidate possessing Post graduate Diploma in human Resource Management for appointment for the post of Staff & Welfare Inspector on Compassionate Grounds. Download
41 RECT-29,GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 22.04.2022 E(NG)II/2019/RR-1/06 13.04.2022 Direct recruitment of Course completed Act Apprentices(CCAAs) trained in railway establishments in Level-1(7th CPC pay matrix) posts Procedure reg. Download
42 RECT-30,GM(P)/ER/RECRUITMENT-Pt-I 31.05.2022 2018/H/5/14(Policy) 11.05.2022 Change of medical fitness category of Assistant Works of Engineering Department from B-I to C-I medical standard-Reg. Download
43 RECT-31,GM(P)/ER/RECRUITMENT-Pt-I 06.09.2022 2022/H/5/1/NER/Dalbir 25.08.2022 Examination of medical fitness of candidates who have undergone LASIK Surgery for various post-reg. Download
44 Rect-32 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 20.09.2022 E(NG)II/2020/RR-2/1 02.09.2022 Recruitment under Cultural cum Scout & Guide Quota. Download
45 Rect-33 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 26.09.2022 E(NG)-II/2022/RR-1/17 15.09.2022 Inclusion of "Third Gender/ANY other Category" in the application forms in recruitment to various post in Indian Railways-reg. Download
46 Rect-34 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 04.11.2022 E(NG)II/2019/RR-1/11 02.11.2022 Recruitment Rule for the post of Audiologist and Speech Therapist in Level-6of 7th CPC Pay Matrix. Download
47 Rect-35 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 24.11.2022 E(NG)II/2021 RR-1/30 18.11.2022 Recruitment of staff in Level-1 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix on Indian Railways Criteria for Physical Efficiency Test (PET) regarding. Download
48 Rect-36 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 06.01.2023 E(NG)II/2020/RC-4/2(Pt.) 03.01.2023 Engagement of staff against posts of SSEs/JEs(Works) in Construction organization by engagement of contract basis. Download
49 Rect-37 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 28.01.2023 E(NG)II/2022/RC-I/NR/28 25.01.2023 Grant of compassionate appointment to spouse/ward/dependent of deceased trainee employees. Download
50 Rect-38 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 24.02.2023 2022/E(Sports)/4(1)/14/Gr.D 08.02.2023 Clarification regarding recruitment of Sportspersons in Indian Railway in pay Level-1 Download
51 Rect-39 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 24.02.2023 2022/E(Sports)/4(1)/1/Age Clarification 08.02.2023 Modification in Age Group of Junior National Championships for recruitment and other purposes. Download
52 Rect-40 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 24.02.2023 2021/E(Sports)/4(1)/2/status 03.02.2021 Recognition of Handball Federation of India-regarding Download
53 Rect-41 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 27.02.2023 E(NG)II/2017/RC-1/23 01.02.2023 Clarification regarding Compassionate Ground Appointment CGA) to spouse/ward/dependent of Railway employees. Download
54 Rect-42 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 28.04.2023 E(NG0I/2022/PM1/32 20.04.2023 Replacement of panel inlieu of non-joining of candidates or candidates resigned/demised within the currency of panel in GDCE-reg. Download
55 Rect-43 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 08.05.2023 2013/H/5/5(Pt.) 27.04.2023 Medical examination of candidates proposed to be appointed in Railway by way of CG appointment/Land losers-relaxation in medical condition-reg. Download
56 Rect-44 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 19.05.2023 E(NG)-II/2022/RR-I/42 10.05.2023 Relaxation to Agniveers for recruitment in Railway from open market in Level-I (erstwhile Gr.'D')and Level -2 and above non-Gazetted. Download
57 Rect-45 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 04.07.2023 2020/E(Sport)/4(1)/14/Gr.D 04.01.2023 Recruitment of sportspersons on Zonal Railways/Production Units against Sports Quota in Pay Level-1(Erstwhile Group'D' in GP Rs 1800/- as per 6th CPC). Download
58 Rect-46 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 04.07.2023 E(NG)I-2016/IC-2/2(Part) 05.01.2023 Recording of higher academic/educationl qualification in the service record of employees recruited though RRBs-clarification reg. Download
59 Rect-47 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 04.07.2023 2021/E(Sports)/4(1)/4/FBL 12.01.2023 Recruitment of Men Football players on Indian Railway. Download
60 Rect-48 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 04.07.2023 E(NG)II/2017/RC-1/23 27.02.2023 Clarification regarding Compassionate Ground Appointment (CGA) to spouse/ward/dependent of Railway employees. Download
61 Rect-49 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 04.07.2023 E(NG)II/2020/RC-4/2(Pt.2) 03.03.2023 Re-engagement of retired State Govvernment officials in exigencies of services projects where land acquisition is involved. Download
62 Rect-50 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 31.07.2023 E(NG)/II/2023/RR-1/59 28.07.2023 Clarification to Minimum prescribed educational qualification for direct recruitment to the post of Assistant Loco Pilot in Level 2 reg Download
63 Rect-51 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 31.07.2023 2021/E(Sports)/RSPB/4(1)/2/Status 31.07.2023 Recognition of National Sports Federation (NFS) for the sport of Handball regarding Download
64 Rect-52GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 22.09.2023 E(NG)I-2017/PM 10/2 15.09.2023

Staff Nurse vacancies in Indian Railways-Amendment to extant provision  facilitating selection of serving employees who possess Educational Qualification reg.

65 Rect-53GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 09.10.2023 E(NG)II/2021/RC-4/1 6.10.2023 Engagement of Ex-Servicemen as Gatemen on Contract Basis. Download
66 Rect-54GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 06.11.2023 E(NG)II/2016/RC-1/CR/12(Pt) 02.11.2023 Appointment on Compassionate Grounds-cases of second wife and her wards. Download
67 Rect-55GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 28.11.2023 E(NG)II/2021/RR-I/32 16.11.2023 Farming of Recruitment Rule for the post of Prosthetist & Orthotist in Level -6 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix Download
68 Rect-56GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 30.11.2023 E(NG)II/2023/RR-1/79 01.11.2023 Recruitment againest horizonal reservation of Railway Cours Completed Act Apprentices in Level 01 post againest CEN RRC-01/2019. Download
69 Rect-57GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 13.12.2023 E(NG)II/2023/RR-1/59 11.12.2023 Clarification regarding Minimum prescribed educational qualification for direct recruitment to the post  of Assistant Loco Pilot in Level-2 reg. Download
70 Rect-58GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 02.02.2024 E(NG)-II/2024/RR-1/4 30.01.2024 Relaxation in upper age limit for direct recruitment to non-gazetted posts on the Railways. Download
71 Rect-59GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 08.02.2024 E(NG)-II/2024/RR-1/4 06.02.2024 Relaxation in upper age limit for direct recruitment to non-gazetted posts on the Railways. Download
72 Rect-60GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 22.02.2024 E(NG)II/2023/RC-1/9 20.02.2024 Compassionate ground appointment to the wards/widows of late trainees appointed under LARGESS. Download
73 Rect-61GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 07.03.2024 E(NG)II/2021/RC-4/1 01.03.2024 Engagement of Ex-Servicemen as Gatemen on Contract Basis Download
74 Rect-62 GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 09.03.2024 E(NG)I/2020/PM1/9 04.03.2024

General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE) for filling up of 25% net direct recruitment quota vacancies in Group ‘C’ categories – Extension of currency upto         31.03.2026

75 Rect-63GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 11.03.2024 E(NG)-II/2024/RR-1/4(Pt) 07.03.2024 Relaxation in upeer age limit for direct recruitment to non-gazetted post on the Railways Download
76 Rect-64GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 21.03.2024 E(NG)I/2023/PM1/12 15.03.2024 GDCE Examination held on 15.12.2024 Download
77 Rect-65GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 19.04.2024 E(NG)II/2023/RR-2/1 10.04.2024 Clarification with regard to recruitment against Scout/Guide quota -Procedure for -reg. Download
78 Rect-66GM(P)/ER/Recruitment-Pt-I 08.07.2024 E(NG)II/2023/RC-1/29 03.07.2024 Appointment on compassionate grounds. Download


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