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S.No   GM(P)/BLW, Letter/Circular Date Rly. Board Letter No. RB’s Letter Date Subject Download
 1.    SETTL-01,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt- 27.08.2018 2011/H/28/I/RELHS/Court Case 31.07.2018 AIRF PNM Item No.19/2016-Provision for exclusion of retiring railway employee from mandatory joingin of RELHS-97 Download
  2.   SETTL-02,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 12.10.2018 पीसी-VII/2016/I/7/2/3 08.10.2018 रेलवे पेंशनरों/परिवार पेंशनरों को महंगाई राहत प्रदान करना 01.07.2018 से प्रभावी दर के संबंध में | Download
  3.   SETTL-03, GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 06.12.2018 F(E)I/2018/AL-28/72 30.11.2018 Extension of retirement age of Doctors-Travel Entitlements reg. Download
  4.   SETTL-04, GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 31.01.2018 2018/Trans Cell/Health/Medical Issues 24.01.2019 Process Simplification-Referral of patients for Treatment, Investigations, Physiotherapy, etc, to the Private Empanelled and other Govt. Hospitals. Download
  5.   SETTL-05,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 02.02.2019 2008/AC-II/21/19 05.04.2018 Additional Relief on death/disability of Government servants covered by the Delined contribution Pension System(NPS). Download
  6.   SETTL-06,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 08.03.2019 D-43/12/2018-F(E)III 21.02.2019 Amendment in various provisions of National Pension System-regarding. Download
  7.   SETTL-07,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 09.03.2019 D-43/04/2018-F(E)III 26.02.2019 Additional benefit on death/disability of Government servant covered by NPS-reg. Download
  8.    SETTL-08,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1  09.03.2019  F(E)III/2005/PN1/32  21.02.2019 Clarificatory OM for payment of two family pensions on death attributable to Govt.service of a re-employed pensioner-reg.  Download
  9.   SETTL-09,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 12.03.2019 E(P&A)II/2018/RS/12 06.03.2019 Reckoning of pay element for revision of pension of pre-2016 retired Loco Inspectors. Download
 10.   SETTL-10,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 12.03.2019 2016/F(E)III/1(1)/7 07.03.2019 Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners by notional fixation of pay w.e.f. 01.01.2016-Bunching of stages in the revised pay structure-regarding. Download
 11.   SETTL-11,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 12.03.2019 2019/E(LR)II/1/2 08.03.2019 Proposed protests by Governent employees against ’National Pension System’(NPS). Download
12   SETTL-12,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 13.06.2019 D-43/12/2018-F(E)III 07.06.2019 Compensation for non-deposit or delayed deposit of contribution Under National Pension System during 2014-12-regarding. Download
13   SETTL-13,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 13.08.2019 2014/AC-II/21/13(Pt-II) 05.08.2019 ACS No.52 to Accounts Code Part-I Amendment to the Scheme of Payment of Railway Pension through PSBs. Download
14   SETTl-14,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 08.11.2019 PC-VII/2016/I/7/2/3 31.10.2019 Grant of Dearness Relief to Railway pensioners/family pensioners-Revised rate effective from 01.07.2019. Download
15   SETTL-15,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 21.01.2020 PC-III/2000/GIS/2 24.12.2019 Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme,1980- Table of Benefits for the Savings Fund for the period from 01.10.2019 to 31.12.2019. Download
16   SETTL-16,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 29.01.2020 D-43/4/2018-F(E)III 20.01.2020 Garant of additional Benefits on death/disability of Government servants covered under National Pension System(NPS)-reg. Download
17   SETTL-17,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 04.02.2020 D-43/5/2019-F(E)III 31.01.2020 Reckoning of Charge Allowance for the purpse of revision of Pension of Pre-2016 retirees in terms of 7th CPC recommendations-reg. Download
18   SETTL-18,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 07.03.2020 F(E)III/2005/PN1/35 04.03.2020 Counting of service on joining new service in State Government/Central Government/Autonomous Body for the benefit of gratuity in respect of Railway employees covered under National Pension system (NPS). Download
19   SETTL-19,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 27.07.2020 D-43/43/2020-F(E)III 21.07.2020 Dispensing with the requirement Of BSR Code of Bank from the pension claim forms regarding Download
20   SETTL-20,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 04.08.2020 D-43/43/2020-F(E)III 28.07.2020 Provisional release of retirement benefits as per Rule 91 of Railway Services (Pension) Rules,1993-regarding.
21   SETTL-21,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 28.08.2020 F(E)III/2008/PN1/20 25.08.2020 Grant of disability pension, comprising service element and disability element to pre-2006 disability pensioners who were boarded out from service with less than 10 years of qualifying service, due to an
injury/disability, attributable to Govt. service-regarding.
22   SETTL-22,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 28.08.2020 D-43/43/2020-F(E),III 25.08.2020 Relaxation of Rule 96 of Railway Services (Pension) Rules,1993 for payment of provisional family Pension on death of a Government Servant during service-regarding. Download
23   SETTL-23,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 02.09.2020 F(E)III/2005/PN1/35 19.08.2020 Mobility of personnel amongst Central/State & Autonomous Bodies while working under Pensionable establishments-regarding. Download
24   SETTL-24,GM(P)/ER/Settelment-Pt-1 18-09-2020 2020/AC-II/21/3 02-09-2020 Co- authorization of permanently disabled child/children in PPO for Family Pension-reg Download
25   SETTL-25,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 25.11.2020 2012/AC-II/21/6(PART) 10.11.2020 Excess pension payments made to Railway pensioners. Download
26   SETTL-26,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 09.12.2020 2016/(E)III/1(1)/7 27.11.2020 Implementation of Government's decisions on the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission-Revision of Pension of Pre-2016 Pensioners/Family pensioners etc. Download
27   SETTL-27,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 19.12.2020 E(NG)I-2020/RE-3/4 09.12.2020 Procedure for disposing off the cases of taking voluntary retirement of Medically unfit Railways's employees-Implementation of Section 20 of Right of Persons with Disabilities Act,2016(RPWD) Act,2016)-clarification regarding. Download
28   SETTL-28,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 22.12.2020 2020/AC-II/21/3-Part(1) 03.12.2020 Extension of period for submission of Life Certificate till February 28,2021 Download
29   SETTL-29,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 23.01.2021 E(G)2020/PN1/29 15.01.2021 Coverage under Railway Services(Pension)Rules,1993,in place of NPS of those Railway Employees whose selection for appointment was finalized before01.01.2004 but who joined Railway service on or after 01.01.2004. Download
30   SETTL-30,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 15.04.2021 PC-V/2021/A/DR/1 08.04.2021 Grant of Dearness Relief to SRPF beneficiaries in receipt of ex-gratia payment-revised rates effective from 01.07.2017 to 01.07.2019 Download
31   SETTL-31,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 17.08.2021 D-43/43/2020-F(E)III 16.07.2021 Suspension of family pension to a person charged with the offence of murdering or abetting in the murder of the government servant-Allowing family pension to other eligible family member. Download
32   SETTL-32,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 06.01.2022 F(E)I/2018/AL-28/29 29.11.2021 Time limit for submission of Travelling Allowance and other claims by staff reiteration of instructions regarding condonation of delay in submission of claims by retired employees. Download
33   Settlement-33,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 08.01.2022 E(G)2021/PN1/34 08.12.2021 Guidelines for timely and qualitative disposal of pensioners Grievances-reg. Download
34   Settlement-34,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 13.01.2022 2010/AC-II/21/10/PT.IV 31.12.2021 Extension of the time period of submission of life certificate for central Government pensioners till 28th February 2022 in wake of current Covid-19 pandemic. Download
35   SETTL-35,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 29.01.2022 F(E)III/2005/PN1/32 08.03.2021 Amendment of income criteria for grant of family pension to children/siblings suffering from mental or physical disability-regarding. Download
36   SETTL-36,GM(P)/Settlement-Pt-I 02.02.2022 D-43/12/2018-F(E)III 20.01.2022 Coverage under Railway Services (Pension)Rule,1993 in place of National Pension system of those Railway employees who selection for appointmtnt was finalized before 01.01.2004 but who joined Railway service on or after 01.01.2004-regarding. Download
37   SETTL-37, GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 08.03.2022 2010/AC-II/21/12(pt) 23.02.2022 ACS No.54 to A-I-Authorization of Private Sector Banks for disbursement of Railway Pension. Download
38   SETTL-38,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 23.03.2022 D-43/43/2020-F(E)III 17.03.2022 Payment of family pension, death gratuity and other dues to the family on death of a Railway servant during service-regarding. Download
39   SETTL-39,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 08.04.2022 D-43/43/2020-F(E)III 22.03.2022 Non-payment/Delay in payment of retirement benefits on account of delay in verification of Caste Certificate in respect of retiring employees-regarding. Download
40   SETTl-40,GM(P)/ER/PS&SSM-Pt-I 08.04.2022 D-43/5/2018-F(E)III 31.03.2022 Determination of Pay/Emoluments for calculation of family pension and death gratuity where a Government servant dies during currency of a penalty -regarding. Download
41   SETTl-41,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 20.06.2022 D-43/12/2018-F(E)III 10.06.2022 Clarification on coverage under old pension scheme (OPS) in terms of Railway Board's letter 03.03.2020-regarding.. Download
42   SETTL-42,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 22.06.2022 PC-VII/2021/HRMS/18 07.03.2022 Processing of Settlement cases for staff working in Construction Units-reg. Download
43   SETTL-43,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 03.08.2022 2016/F(E)III/1(1)/7 05.07.2022 Revision of pension/family pension in respect of the pensioners drawing compulsory retirement pension or compassionate allowance after compulsorily retirement/dismissal/removal from service-reg. Download
44   SETTL-44,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 02.11.2022 PC-V/2016/A/Med/1(FMA)(E) 27.10.2022 Grant of fixed Medical Allowance to railway pensioners/family pensioners-change in option. Download
45   SETTL-45,GM(P)/ER/Settlement-Pt-I 08.12.2022 D-43/43/2020-F(E)III 30.11.2022 Verification of correctness of emoluments of Railway servants-regarding. Download
46   Settlement-46,GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 24.12.2022 2015/H/28/ClaimDisposals 13.12.2022 Guidelines for special provisions to railway beneficiaries of age 80 years and above-reg. Download
47   Settlement-47,GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 10.01.2023 E(P&A)II/2021/RS-4 02.01.2023 Pensionary benefits of medically decategorised Chief Loco Inspectors (CLIS)who opt for voluntary retirement. Download
48   Settlement-48,GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 17.01.2023 D-43/29/2022-F(E)III 12.01.2023 Clarifications on Railway Services (Commutation of Pension) Rules 1993-reg. Download
49   Settlement-49,GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 17.02.2023 PC-III/2000/GIS/2 14.02.2023 Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme,1980-Tables of Benefits for the Savings Fund for the period from 01.10.2022 to 31.12.2022. Download
50   Settlement-50,GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 11.03.2023 D-43/12/2018-F(E)III 10.03.2023 Coverage under Railway Services (Pension)Rules, 1993, in Place of National Pension System, of those Railway employees who were recruited against the posts/vacancies advertised/notified for recruitment, on or before 22.12.2003. Download
51   Settlement-50,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 20.03.2023


20.03.2023 Coverage under Railway Services (Pension)Rules, 1993, in Place of National Pension System, of those Railway employees who were recruited against the posts/vacancies advertised/notified for recruitment, on or before 22.12.2003. Download
52   Settlement-52,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 24.04.2023 E(NG)I-2022/NM/2 17.04.2023 Change of name by pensioner/family pensioner. Download
53   Settlement-53,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 02.06.2023 D-43/4/2018-F(E)III 09.05.2023 Clarification on coverage under Old Pension Scheme (OPS) in terms of Railway Board's letter No. D-43/12/2018-F(E)III dated 03.03.2020-Reg. Download
54   Settlement-54,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 03.06.2023 E(G)/2015/PN2/3 31.05.2023 Outreach plan to soon to be retiring/retired employees, who are yet to submit their 'Anubhav writteups' Download
55   Settlement-55,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 04.07.2023 PC-VII/2016/I/7/2/3 26.04.2023 Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government pensioners/family pensioners Revised rate effective from 01.01.2023 Download
56   Settlement-56,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 04.07.2023 PC-II/2000/GIS/2 20.04.2023 Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme 1980-Table of Benefits for the Savings Fund for the period from 01.01.2023 to 31.03.2023 Download
57   Settlement-57,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 02.09.2023 PC-VI/2023/Misc./03 02.09.2023 Grant of National increment (as due on 1st july/1st january) for the pensionary benefits to those employees who had retired on 30th  of june before drawing the same-Clarification reg. Download
58   Settlement-58,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 21.09.2023 PC-III/2000/GIS/2 20.09.2023 Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme,1980-Tables of Benefits for the Saving Fund for the period from 01.07.2023 to 30.09.2023. Download
59   Settlement-59,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 16.11.2023 D-43/12/2018-F(E)III 10.11.2023 Inclusion of Railway servants recruited against the post/vacancies advertised/notified prior to 22.12.2023 under Railway Services (Pension) Rules ,1993 reg. Download
60   Settlement-60,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 30.11.2023 PC-VII/2016/I/7/2/3 07.11.2023 Grant of Dearness Relief to Railway pensioners/family pensioners-Revised Rate effective from 01.07.2023. Download
61   Settlement-61,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 13.12.2023 PC-III/2000/GIS/2 16.12.2023 Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme,1980-Tables of Benefits for the Sevings Fund for the period from 01.10.2023 to 31.12.2023. Download
62   Settlement-62,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 16.12.2023 E(G)/2015/PN2/3 08.12.2023 Anubhav Awards Scheme-2024. Download
63   Settlement-63,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 02.02.2024 D-43/43/2020-F(E)III 31.01.2024 Payment of family pension, death gratuity and other dues to the family on the death during service of a Railway servant covered under NPS-reg. Download
64   Settlement-64,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 09.03.2024 2024/F(E)III/PN1/1 08.03.2024 Allowing female railway servant/female pensioner to nominate her child/children for family pension in precedence to her husband in the event of marital discord leading to filing of divorce proceedings in a Court of Law or filing of a case under Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act or Dowry Prohibition Act or Indian Penal Code-reg. Download
65   Settlement-65,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 21.03.2024 PC-VII/2016/I/7/2/3 20.03.2024 Grant of Dearness Relief to Railway Pensioners/family pensioners-Revised rate effective from 01.01.2024. Download
66   Settlement-66,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 26.04.2024 PC-III/2000/GIS/2 22.04.2024 Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme,1980-Tables of Benefits for the Sevings Fund for the period from 01.01.2024 to 31.03.2024. Download
67   Settlement-67,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 10.05.2024 D-43/12/2018-F(E)III 09.05.2024 Option for inclusion under Railway Services (Pension) Rules, 1993 in accordance with Bord's instruction dated 10.03.2023 to those employees who have since retired from service-reg. Download
68   Settlement-68,A/GM(P)/ER/Settlement/Pt-I 03.06.2024 2016/F(E)III/1/(1)/8 31.05.2024 Enhancement of maximum limit of Gratuity to Central Government employees on reaching the Dearness Allowance rates to 50%-Implementation of recommendation of the Seventh CPC-reg. Download


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