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.No GM(P)/BLW, Letter/Circular Date Rly. Board Letter No. RB’s Letter Date Subject Download
 1.  LV-01,GM(P)/ER/Leave Rule-Pt-1 05.09.2018 E(P & A)I-2008/CPC/LE-8 18.07.2018 Child Care Leave (CCL)-Clarification reg. Download
 2 LV-02,GM(P)/ER/Leave Rule-Pt-1 01.10.2018 F(E)III/2008/LE-1/1 19.09.2018 Clarification regarding encashment of Leave on Average Pay(LAP)while availing Privilege Pass/PTO-relaxation of rule. Download
 3 एलवी-03, म.प्र.(का.)/ई.आर./अवकाश नियम-भाग-1 02.11.2018 ई(पी एंड ए)I-2008/सीपीसी/एलई-8 17.10.2018 चाइल्ड केयर लीव (सीसीएल) के संबंध में | Download
4 LV-04,GM(P)/Leave Rule-Pt-1 11.02.2019 E(P&A)I-2008/CPC/LE-8 05.02.2019 Amendment to the Indian Railway Establishment Code, Volume-I, 1985 Edition (Reprint Edition 2008) Chapter V-Child Care Leave (CCL). Download
5 LV-05,GM(P)/ER/Leave Rule-Pt-1 25.04.2019 E(P&A)I-2019/CPC/LE-2 23.04.2019 Amendments in the Railway Services (Liberalised leave) Rules, 1949 contained in Chapter 5 of Indian Railway Establishment Code(IREC) Volume-I Download
6 Leave-6,GM(P)/ER/Leave Rule-Pt-I 14.01.2022 2021/E(LR)III/REF/Rly/3(DLW) 31.12.2021 Minutes of the meeting of Railway Board with Staff Council/DLW held on 06.07.2018 at DLW,Varanasi. Download
7 Leave-7,GM(P)/ER/Leave Rule-Pt-I 07.02.2022 2021/SCC/03/01 19.01.2022 Writing the APAR for the period of study leave. Download
8 Leave-8,GM(P)/ER/Leave Rule-Pt-I 25.02.2022 98/E(Trg)/19/2-PT 14.02.2022 Grant of Leave to Probationary officers. Download
9 27/148/56E/Pt-II 04.03.2022 E(G)2022/EL1-1 Pt 09.02.2022 Leave dated 07/03/2022 due to Vidhan Sabha General Election 2022 Download
10 Leave-09,GM(P)/ER/Leave Rule/Pt-I 16.08.2022 E(P&A)I/2005/CPC/LE-2 16.08.2022 Writ Petition No.844/2014 in the High Court of delhi filed by ms.Rama Pandey, Teacher, kendriya vidyalaya V/s Uol & other-reg. Download
11 Leave-10,GM(P)/ER/Leave Rule/Pt-I 09.11.2022 E(P&A)I-2022/CPC/LE-4 07.11.2022 Grant of 60 days Special Maternity Leave in case of death of a child soon after birth/stillbirth-reg. Download
12 Leave-11,GM(P)/ER/Leave-Pt-I 27.12.2022 E(P&A)I-2008/CPC/LE-8 19.12.2022 Leave applicable to Railway employees-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Download
13 Leave-12,GM(P)/ER/Leave-Pt-I 04.01.2023 20211/F(E)III/2(2)/3 29.12.2022 Study Leave Rules-clarification reg. Download
14 Leave-13,GM(P)/ER/Leave-Pt-I 20.04.2023 2020/E(Sports)/4(2)/6/Leave Clarification 17/02/2023 Grant of Special Casul Leave to technical officials regarding. Download
15 Leave-14,GM(P)/ER/Leave-Pt-I 06.07.2023 PC-VII/2023/HRMS/11 03.07.2023 Updation of Leave Balance of Railway Employees. Download
16 Leave-15,GM(P)/ER/Leave-Pt-I 28.07.2023 PC-VII/2023/HRMS/11 27.07.2023 Operationlization of Leave Management Module of HRMS in Indian Railways. Download
17 Leave-17,GM(P)/ER/Leave-Pt-I 21.09.2023 E(P&A)I-2022/CLC/LE-4 18.09.2023 Grant of 60 days Special Maternity Leave in case of death of cgild soon after birth/stillbirth-regarding. Download
18 Leave-18,GM(P)/ER/Leave-Pt-I 08.12.2023 PC-VII/2023/HRMS/15 04.12.2023 Auto credit of leave into leave account of employees and verification thereof. Download
19 Leave-19,GM(P)/ER/Leave-Pt-I 08.12.2023 CRIS Letter 16.11.2023 Single Sign On (SSO) feature for CRIS web applications for Railway users. Download
20 Leave-20,GM(P)/ER/Leave-Pt-I 08.12.2023 PC-VII/2023/HRMS/15 04.12.2023 Launch of Leave Encashment sub module of Leave Module in HRMS. Download
21 Leave-21,GM(P)/ER/Leave-Pt-I 08.12.2023 PC-VII/2023/HRMS/15 04.12.2023 Facility for applying for Leave through Mobile App of HRMS. Download
22 Leave-22,GM(P)/ER/Leave-Pt-I 22.02.2024 PC-VII/2023/HRMS/13 29.11.2023 Launch of Leave Encashment sub-module in HRMS. Download


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