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WMQA-Welfare Matters Including Quarter Allotment

.No GM(P)/BLW, Letter/Circular Date Rly. Board Letter No. RB’s Letter Date Subject Download
 1.  WMQA-01, GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-1 12.09.2018 E(G)/2018/PMYA 28.08.2018 Pardhan Mantri AwasYojna-"Housing for All", Download
 2 WMQA-02, GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-1 17.12.2018 E(G)2008 QR-1-15(PSU’s) 13.12.2018 Retention of railway accommodation by railway officers/staff on their deputation to railway PSU’s Download
 3 WMQA-03,GM(P)/ER/Welfare-Pt-1 26.02.2019 F(E)I/2016/AL-28/25 19.02.2019 Guidelines on Air Travel on Official Tours. Download
4 WMQA-04,GM(P)/ER/Welfare-Pt-1 05.03.2019 2019/E(Trg)/10/5 27.02.2019 4th One year advanced Management Programme in Public Policy (AMPP) during 2019-20 at Indian School of Business,Hyderabad/Mohali. Download
5 HOUS-02,GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-1 12.03.2019 2018/Trans Cell/S&T/House Allotment 05.03.2019 Allotment of House to staff improving availability and simplification of process. Download
6 WMQA-05,GM(P)/ER/Welfare-Pt-1 18.03.2019 E(W)2019/ED-2/2 08.03.2019 Educational facilities for wards of Sahyaks (Licenced Porters) Download
7 WMQA-03,GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-1 18.03.2019 E(G)2007 RN 2-5 11.03.2019 Permission to retain Railway accommodation at the place of previous posting by Railway officers/staff going on deputaion to joint Venture Companies (JVs) set up by Ministry of Railway with various State Government. Download
8 HOUS-05,GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-1 08.04.2019 E(G)2008 QR 1-15(PSUs) 28.03.2019 Retention of Railway accommodation for Railway officers on deputation to RailTel. Download
9 HOUS-05,GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-1  08.04.2019  E(G)200 QR 1-10  27.03.2019 Preference for allotment of railway accommodation to the eligible spouse/ward of deceased/retiring allottee as per entitlement of one type higher in sharing of accommodation cases. Download
10 WMQA-06,GM(P)/ER/Welfare-Pt-1 14.05.2019 F(E)I/2016/AL-28/25 08.05.2018 Guidelines on Air Travel on Official Tour-Purchase of Air Ticket from aurthorized agents reg. Download
11 WMQA-07,GM(P)/ER/Welfare-Pt-1 22.05.2019 2015/H/28/Claim Disposals. 09.05.2019 Prompt disposal of medical reimbursement claims-Reg. Download
12 WMQA-08,GM(P)/ER/Welfare-Pt-1 11.06.2019 F(E)I/2019/AL-28/25 27.05.2019 Clarification regarding re-delegation of power to sansction air travel by other than Air India flights. Download
13 WMQA-09,GM(P)/ER/Welfare-Pt-1 15.06.2019 2019/E(LL)/SSA/1 03.06.2019 Prdhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-dhan (PM-SYM)- Voluntray Contributory Pension Scheme. Download
14 WMQA-10,GM(P)/ER/Welfare-Pt-1 31.07.2019 F(E)I/2019/AL-28/44 23.07.2019 Grant of TA/DA and Air Traval Permission to Retired Railway Officers to attend Courts for deposition as prosecution witnesses as sanction for prosecution authenticating authority. Download
15 WMQA-11,GM(P)/ER/Welfare-Pt-1 13.08.2019 E(G)2008 QR 1-15(PUSs) 01.08.2019 Retention of Railway accomodation by Railway officer/staff on their deputation to Railway PSUs. Download
16 WMQA-12,GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-1 18.09.2019 2017/LMB-II/4/3 03.09.2019 Allowing retention of leased accommodation at previous place of posting to railway officers (i) on their transfer to N.F.Railway & (ii) on the ground of education of the ward till the end of academic session of 10th or 12th class plus 15 days as on the pattern of similar permissions granted in the case of staff quarters. Download
17 HOUS-07,GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-1 24.01.2020 E(G)2017 RN 2-5 17.01.2020 Permission to retain Railway accommodation at the place of pervious posting by Railway officers/staff going on deputation to joint Venture Companies (JVs) set up in partnership with Ministry of Railway. Download
18 HOUS-08,GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-1 29.01.2020 E(G)2009 QR 1-2 26.02.2020 Extension of the priod of retention of Railway accommodation at the previous place of posting in favour of officers posted to East Central Railway. Download
19 HOUS-09,GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-1


E(G)2020 RN 2-COVID-19 19.05.2020 One time relaxation for retention of railway accommodation in view of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Download
18 HOUS-10, GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-1 08.07.2020 E(G)2020 RN2-COVID-19 01.07.2020 One time relaxation for retention of railway accommodation in view of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Download
19 HOUS-11,GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-1 04.08.2020 E(G)2020 RN2-COVID-19 31.07.2020 One time relaxation for retention of railway accommodation in view of Novel Corona virus (COVID-19) Download
20 HOUS-12,GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-1 04.08.2020 E(G)2020 RN2-5 31.07.2020 Quarter retention for officers whose vacation date falls during COVID period.
21 HOUS-13,GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-1 18.09.2020 E(G)2020 QR 1-2 03-09-2020 Quarter retention allowed to Zonal Railways such as WCR, ECoR,SWR, NER etc. Download
22 GM(P)/Auth/Quarter/Revision/Pt-I 10.11.2020 F(X)I-2002/11/2 05.11.2020 Revision of Flat Rate of License Fee (Standard Rent) for Residential Accoomodation all Indian Railawys w.e.f 01.07.2020-reg. Download
23 HOUS-14,GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-I 26.11.2020 E(G)2020QR1-23 24.11.2020 Retention of Railway quarter on transfer,deputation,retirement etc. Download
24 HOUS-15,GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-I 23.12.2020 E(G)/2020/RN-2/COVID-19 28.11.2020 Relaxation for retention of railway accommodation in view of Novel Corona virus(COVID-19) Download
25 HOUS-16,GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-1 22.06.2021 E(G)2021RN 2-5(COVID-19) 08.06.2021 One time relaxation for retention of railway accommodation in view of 2nd wave of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). Download
26 HOUS-17,GM(P)/ER/Housing-Pt-I 05.01.2022 E(G)2009QR 1-2 Pt. 05.01.2022 Extension for retention of Railway accommodation at the previous place of posting in favour of SAG & above officers posted to NER,ECoR,SWR & WCR. Download


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