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निलंबित/प्रतिबंधित फर्मों की सूची
Document Revision Year 2022-23
Corrigendum-I dt 18.06.2022 of BLW Tender Document Rev. Year 2022-23
ब.रे.का में पीएल एकीकरण की स्थिति
निष्क्रिय एवं अधिशेष सामग्री की सूची
ग्लोबल टेंडर के लिए बीड डॉक्युमेंट्स
नॉन मूविंग हाई वैल्यू आइटम लिस्ट
JPO for Implementation of Change in GST structure
Corrigendum-2 dated 23.05.23 BLW tender Doc Rev Year 2022-23
रु 100 करोड़ से ऊपर अनुमानित मुल्य के टेंडरों की सूची
Excess High value HHP items list circulation to ZR
High value diesel inactive to ZR
Scrap Auction Lot Photographs
Pending Demands for inactive items of BLW
JPO for Implementation of Change in GST Structure
Corrigendum-3 dated 30.11.23 BLW tender Doc Rev Year 2022-23

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अस्वीकरण एवं जमीन के किराए के लिए नीति

Notice Regarding policy for Rejection & Ground Rent on Rejected Supplies by BLW / Varanasi

The Ground Rent charge on all rejected supplies lying in BLW premises at revised rate as under: -

For Rejection raised upto dated 17.01.2022

All vendors are hereby informed that w.e.f.  01.08.2012; BLW shall charge Ground Rent on all rejected supplies lying in BLW premises at revised rate ½% (only Half Percent) per day of the value of rejected material or Rs.10/-,whichever is higher.

For Rejection raised after dated 18.01.2022

0.3 % per day for consignment weighting less than 250 Kgs in weight and 0.2% per day for heavier consignment.

            All vendors are therefore advised to lift rejected materials lying in BLW premises by paying the Dues & Ground Rent immediately after rejection. Please note:-

1.    Rejected material is lying in BLW premises at your Risk & Cost; revised rate of Ground Rent will be applicable.

2.    In all cases BLW is authorized to scrap all rejected material lying at BLW at the risk & cost of supplier beyond applicable free time.

3.    The allowed free time to lift the rejected material is 21 days and 60 days for initial and warranty rejection respectively. For further details, you may contact following Officials:


Name of Official


Mobile No.

Phone No.


Sh. Shivam Verma





Sh. R.P. Yadav





Sh. Harendra Kumar Singh




4. (a) Authority; Office Order No. 184/2012 dt 04.07.2012 issued by PCMM/BLW/Varanasi from File No. BLW-S/95/2 dt.28.06.2012  

   (b) Authority: Office Order No. 006/2022 dt 17.01.2022 issued by office of PCMM/BLW, Varanasi from File No. BLW- BSB0GSD(REJ)/1/2021, Dated 17.01.2022

   (c) Authority: Office Order No. 2022/RS(G)/779/7(3390005) dt 17.10.2022 issued by Ministry of Railways/Rly. Board.


                                                                 (Ankur Chandra)






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